24 February 2010


Today's revelation of a promotional White Lantern ring has got me a little wound up. In talking with a few of my Twitter pals, I have decided on a course of action for us to possibly get some promotional LEGION FLIGHT RINGS on or around the launch of Paul Levitz's new LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES book. And the solution is this:

Recently, DC mounted a postcard drive to see if readers were interested in renumbering the WONDER WOMAN book to #600. DC received over 800 postcards (as of their last post regarding this) and the change in numbering will happen this year. What worked for Diana’s fans can work for us, Legionnaires.

To put in simply, just mail a postcard filled out like this to DC:

c/o Dan DiDio
1700 Broadway
New York, NY

WONDER WOMAN fans only needed 600 postcards to make their change happen, we can do this, Legionnaires.

I would also like to remind DC that a plastic LSH FLIGHT RING has already been tooled, so there is no cost to them to design or sculpt a new one. This plastic LSH FLIGHT RING I’m referring to is the one that came with the DC DIRECT action figures of COSMIC BOY, LIGHTNING LAD and SATURN GIRL (the picture at the top of the post is that very ring, modeled by the suave and erudite Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull).

So buy a postcard and get busy -- the 31st Century is counting on you!

*This drive has not been endorsed by DC Entertainment, Warner Brothers or their subsidiaries. Offer Void on Takron-Galtos.


  1. While it's true that DC has produced a product like this in past, that fact doesn't necessarily mean that the tooling parts are still available to DC (the promotional materials are probably being manufactured by a different vendor), or that the materials can be reused.

    (That said, though, the tooling required for something simple like this wouldn't be all that expensive, anyway.)

  2. Sending the fuck out of this to every nerd I know

  3. I can totally agree with this!