02 October 2009


I'm back from hiatus with a double shot of LANA LANG LOVE!

First up is this amazing piece from Joshua Crisalli, who's got a project called LEGION BEYOND that I think you should all check out. Josh has been going through the ranks of the mighty LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and putting his own special twists on the characters with some really cool results. I really like that he choose to draw Lana here in a "transformed" mode. Go check out his other awesome LSH designs already!

Next up is this first in a series of SILVER AGE SHOWCASE portraits that I'm putting together with fellow ex-pat Texan, Rusty Shackles. I absolutely LOVE the look on Superboy's face. Priceless. For more insanity from the mind of Rusty, you're gonna want to head on over to TABLE TOP FETUS.

Now let's show these boys some love in the comments!

Until next time...

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, those are both pretty great. You have to give Joshua bonus points for really embracing what Insect Queen was all about in those original appearances: bizarre and outlandish bodily transformations that were never as disturbing as by all rights they ought to have been, because you could always see it was still Lana.

    (Ah, Lana, you spoiled me for women who didn't turn into grasshoppers…)